Follicular Unit Extraction

In persons with prior strip hair transplants, it is best to switch to FUE. In the FUE method, using the suction-assisted 1.0 mm – 1.25 mm punch, 1000-2500 grafts can be harvested from a full donor at least once.

Follicular Unit Extraction

Lifetime total ability to extract grafts with this method is probably around 5500 grafts. With the strip method, a 2500-3000 graft strip can be taken out on one or two occasions, each time removing the previous scar so only one scar of 1-4 mm width results. This scar is always covered by a curtain of hair hanging over it so it is not apparent to the eye.

In persons with prior strip hair transplants, it is often times better to switch to FUE. In the FUE method, using a mechanically assisted  0.85 mm – 1.25 mm punch, ~1000-3000 grafts can be harvested from a full donor at least once. Depending on the thickness of the hair, an additional 2000 can be harvested at a later date. If the patient has very fine or thin hair, this may not an option. If too much hair is taken out by FUE in a patient that has thin hair, the donor will develop a thinned appearance. A Class 6 bald person requires 6000 to 8000 grafts to fully transplant his head. With the new Double Mega Procedure, this can be accomplished by one strip graft of 2500 to 3000 grafts, followed by a FUE procedure done at about two weeks later with an additional 2500 grafts, giving about 5000 grafts over a period of two and one-half weeks. As the years go by and a person with this transplant requires some additional hair around the back, this can be obtained by the FUE method.

Evaluation for Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

In evaluating a person for follicular unit extraction, it is necessary to make sure there is sufficient density in the donor that no change will be observed when removing 2000 to 2500 micro FUE grafts. FUE may also be used on very thick body hair when scalp hair is very limited.

New “Double Mega” FUE Procedure

Using a newly developed technique, the Double Mega Procedure, provides transplants of 5000+ grafts – enough to cover almost all cases of baldness – in just three weeks.

  • 3000 grafts by strip with Exparel (two-week anesthesia)
  • Sutures out at two weeks.
  • Next week, 2000+ grafts by FUE above and below strip scar – and scar filled.

For patients who have had one to three prior strip procedures, the best choice for a touch up is FUE above and below the old scar line. In most cases, hairs can also be placed into the old scar line.

After Hair Transplant Instructions

After Fue Hair Transplant Instructions

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