After five hair transplants of 200 round “plug” grafts done elsewhere and after four transplants of 558 grafts to refine the “plug” look.

Old Plug Restoration

If you have had old transplant plug grafts which are not angled well and are unsightly, and assuming you want more density because you may have lost more hair over the years, and you would like a properly designed natural hairline, this usually can be done (with sufficient donor hair). Most of the time, it is possible to harvest a strip through the little white scars of the old plug donor areas. We simply dissect the white scars out of the strip once we have it removed. It is usually most important to build a new hairline slightly in front of the old plugs so they are hidden and no longer seen. Similarly, it is frequently necessary to fill in along the part lines or in the crown of the head with the new smaller grafts to hide the appearance of old plugs from the back.
# of Grafts



Old Plug Restoration

Before the Surgery

Old Plug Restoration

Before Revising Plugs

After the Surgery

Old Plug Restoration

After 4 Transplants of 588 grafts